The DSM Fitz Fam consists of five members:

Jesse, the Work-From-Home-Dad (aka House Hunk) who does as much (if not more) parenting day-to-day as his wife. He’s an investor, a thinker, and really, really strong.

Jazlyn, writer of this blog, a Work-From-Home-Mom who thanks her lucky stars for her husband and her life. She’s a creative thinker, a reader, and a currently grounded traveler.

Sam, oldest Fitz kid, a smart, kind 1st Grader who loves to read, play with Legos and matchbox cars, and can go concerningly fast on his scooter. He has autism, too.

Iris, middle Fitz kid, an independent, strong-willed Preschooler who likes matchbox cars way more than dolls, is an artist, and a keen observer. She is also the best snuggler.

Eliza “Zaza”, youngest Fitz kid, a playful, light-hearted sweet-thing who keeps up with the big kids just fine. She also caused many gray hairs with a January 2016 hospital stay.

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